At Bay Area Metals, our modernized assay laboratory ensures that all precious metals that are put through our gold smelting process will be tested using the most accurate methods of evaluation. In addition to gold smelting, we will also assay silver, platinum and other precious metals. Each metal’s percentage of purity will be accurately and precisely evaluated in your presence. This is our promise to our clientele.

When it comes to gold assaying, there can be no other choice than Bay Area Metals. It is a point of pride with our company that we are one of the few businesses that allows clients to view the entire gold assaying and gold smelting process from start to finish, and it is our mission to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. We accept any amount of gold for gold assaying, as well as other precious metals. In an instance where a client only has a few items that they wish to sell, like a few rings or dental crowns, we will buy the items outright, eliminating the need for gold melting and assaying.

Sell Your Precious Metal Direct to the Refinery!