At Bay Area Metals, we have no fees or additional charges period. We will pay you a set % of the amount of gold contained in your order, and it is our promise to you that you receive 100% of the market or spot price of your gold order, on the same day, once the gold smelting process has been completed.

Smelting gold and receiving a fair price for your order does not have to be a trying experience. Entrust your business to the professionals at Bay Area Metals, and you will be treated well. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who will attest to our professionalism and fairness during the gold smelting process. After the gold smelting process is finished, you can choose to be paid by spot price or closing price, and there are multiple payment options for you to choose from. Come see what Bay Area Metals has to offer for you today!

Sell Your Precious Metal Direct to the Refinery!