In its most basic definition, gold smelting can be defined as a process in which gold is purified. The gold smelting process uses pressure, high heat, and various chemicals to accomplish this task. Smelting your gold will remove impurities and leave you with gold in its purest form. At Bay Area Metals, we are committed to using the most correct and accurate evaluation methods for gold smelting for our valued customers. In fact, you are invited to be present for the entire smelting and assaying process. It is our goal to bring transparency to the world of smelting so that you know you are always being treated fairly.

With thousands of satisfied customers nationwide, your satisfaction is important to us. There are numerous individuals who may attempt to smelt their own gold, but this is a process that is best left in professional hands. At Bay Area Metals, you may rest assured that we will always provide you with fair prices for your gold and other precious metals.

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